We are now 3 days into our limited renovation of the west side of our house.  The old aluminum came off a week ago, and then work stopped until this past Monday.  Most of the work has been outdoors, but our weather pattern is changing and today it started to rain.  The poor worker packed up and covered everything, then sat in his car for 10 minutes, then came out again to start work, then had to abort again.  After awhile, he'd had enough and came indoors to do a bit until quitting time.

On Sunday, this was the exterior of the house (note the old leaky picture window);

Monday, this was the interior view at the end of the day.

Windows that actually open!!  I haven't had that option since we bought the place in 1987.

This was the exterior, mid-day;

He did cover everything back up with Tyvek before he left.

Yesterday, day 2, this was the exterior at lunch;

We're going with real wood clapboards, because, well, we're weird that way.  My hubby is a traditionalist.  I'm sure this will come back to bite us with the upkeep, but it sure does look good.

And today, day 3, this is the exterior;

and the interior;

Our poor kitties are having a hard time with the noise and a stranger in their midst, but in the long run they will love having more windows from which to watch birds.

How did I spend my day today, you ask?  Winding skeins of 12/2 pima cotton for dyeing the next baby wrap warp.  I used my mini Square, and the job got done very quickly.  16 skeins, each with 64 ends 16 yards long.

They are so very soft!  I can't wait to see how they look after I dye them.  I still have to wait for a bit to get my supplies and figure out the logistics, but I think the project will be started soon.