All Balled Up!

The yarns that I dyed for the upcoming baby wrap are dried and wound into balls!  It was so much fun to see the colors emerge and run through my fingers.

Next stop is to reload them on the Square, this time using the mini-reeds and feeding them onto the sectional beam.  I can't wait, but will have to for a bit as the living room renovation is completed but still needs a light sanding and then painting.

I really want to paint the north wall before I move the loom back there.  The wall needs a good scrub before that, but hopefully I can work on that tomorrow or over the weekend.

The craft fair went off without a hitch.  We got up at 4:15 and hit the road by 5:30.  Congress St in Portland (Maine) was closed off, and there was a sea of white tents by 9 AM.  The Maine Crafts Association, which put on the show, had two city blocks, and there was an adjacent sidewalk art festival going at the same time on the next two blocks down. so four city blocks of white tents and vendors.  It was a very hot day, and though a breeze was present for most of the day going down the middle of the street, the sides of the tent prohibited them from wafting in our direction, so we sweltered.  Later in the afternoon, our nice neighbor vendors took pity on me and lent me one of their portable fans for the rest of the day - what a life-saver!  I ended up selling more than I had last year, so over all it was a positive experience.

Towels were definitely the most-purchased item, but I did also sell a few scarves.

Portland has some interesting architecture in its old buildings.  These two were looking over our shoulders all day;

And also on watch was this tiger in the window right behind us!

On the way home we stopped at our son's house and had dinner that he cooked for us.  It was yummy, but I was also so happy to visit for a bit and be out of the sun.  We got home at 8:30 PM, so it made for a very long day, plus it took most of the next day to organize and put everything away.

It is now the end of my very busy but productive vacation, but I have Labor Day off this year, so will spend much of that with family.  I hope everyone enjoys a nice unofficial end to summer!


  1. Your display looks great! Very well presented, colorful, and organized. Glad the show was productive for you.

    I often roll up one or more of my sides when it's hot...I find it makes a big difference, even when there are tents on your sides.


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