Dye Day Redux

Today was the day I set aside to dye the skeins for the next baby wrap warp.  The skeins had soaked overnight in an initially hot Synthrapol wash, then rinsed and set to soak in soda ash this morning.  I then made up the dyes, laid the skeins out on plastic-covered plywood on the porch, and proceeded to color!

There is that gut-clenching, will-this-turn-out-the-way-I-envisioned-it moment, but then there is nothing to do but just go for it.  Guess we will see after it batches!

The yarn for the origami shirt has been warped onto the loom.

The purple is definitely a disappointment, but since this is all an experiment of sorts, I'm just going with it.  The yarn is so unbelievably soft, even after dyeing - I can't wait to see how the final cloth feels.

No new pictures of the house.  We've puttied some of the nail holes, and today they came and took the excess insulation out, but we still have the plastic dust wall up in the living room, so not much looks different.  I can't wait to get my living room back!


  1. It will be fun to see these warps woven up. I've got a box full of wound warps awaiting cooler temps for me to do some dyeing.

    1. I've always been inspired by your dyeing (and weaving. and spinning...). This should be interesting!

  2. Origami shirt? Can't wait to see that pattern and finished top, regardless of how the dyeing looks.


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