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Project Finished, Spinning Continues

I've recently finished a very quick and easy weaving project using sock yarn, the first time I have tried to weave with that material.  The yarn is variegated and a brilliantly bright color, and I decided to use plain weave to showcase the shifting colors.  For weft, I used 8/2 tencel and tried really hard to NOT beat too hard.  When I completed weaving, I first soaked it, then ironed it and laid it out to dry.  I wasn't too happy with the result - the resultant cloth felt much the same as it had straight off the loom.  Today, I threw caution to the wind, and tossed it in my washing machine on the "speed wash" setting using warm water.  After the wash, it went into the dryer, first on medium, then on high for 10 minutes or so.  The cloth now feels more like what I imagined it would.  Unfortunately for you, no pictures yet, as it is a gift for a friend.  Remind me after the new year!In the evenings I have been continuing to spin, trying to create yarn for weaving pro…

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