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In the Can

That's a saying, right??The bumberet towels are finished and all were quickly claimed.  At present, I'm getting a lot of support from people in my community who seem eager to hear news of and want to purchase my projects.  It's very gratifying to connect with my fellow midcoast Mainers, most of whom I've never met before.  My coworkers had been some of my best customers in the past, but now that I'm not at work, it's nice to have found a new group of people to teach about weaving, its history and benefits.I ended up with 8 full-sized towels, and one that was ~3/4 of the length of the others.  Five, including the shorter one, were woven with black weft, always one of my favorite go-to's;

Four were woven with eggplant;
I just love the little shapes that bumberet creates.  I've seem them described as tulips, but I like to think of them as hearts!

I did make an obvious treadling error on one of the purple ones that wasn't caught while it was on the loom. …

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