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The Finish Line

 Table runners are off the loom, wet-finished and spoken for!  Two still have to be retrieved, but that should happen this week.  Overall, I love how they came out, and the weaving did get easier, but it was a bit of a slog, at least in the beginning.  I ended up with one long cotton runner, one short cotton runner, and one short red wool runner. And an under-exposed photo of both sides; I'm pleased that I got these done, because I am having thumb surgery on Friday (gulp!) and so will not be able to weave (or knit, or spin, or play music) for the foreseeable future.  Like many women, I have arthritis in the base of my thumbs, and the right thumb is pretty bad.  It's bone-on-bone, and has been for some time, so this surgery essentially replaces that joint by taking out the small bone in my wrist that my thumb rubs on and replaces it with a folded-up tendon, so it's bone-on-soft tissue.  The recovery time is 12 weeks, though I hope to be able to do some things well-before tha

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