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 Hello again.  I still seem to be stalled when it comes to creative pursuits, so I thought I would let you see some of the color that has emerged in my small flower gardens.  Everything is growing like crazy, and what used to be a sparse plot of plants has now gotten very crowded.  I'm sure I should do something about that, but since I'm barely a gardener at all, I'm a bit hesitant to disturb things as they are.   As in most years, our azalea led the way with some riotous color Memorial Day weekend. Every year I get so many nice compliments and comments about this plant!  Good thing it's idiot-proof. Sticking with the pink/purple theme, we've got some irises; petunias; salvia; and a couple of virburnum, which is new to me. As a change of pace, I also have several day lilies; and our fairly old rose bush, which usually has only one or two buds a year (which get promptly eaten by deer), this year seems to have many more blooms so far, though I only took a photo of one

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