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Goodbye, Whirl

 Today is just a horribly sad day.  My cat Whirl, who sought me out 3 separate times at the shelter, who brought such joy into our lives, had to be put down today.  He developed seizures suddenly last night, several very severe, and seemed to be suffering terribly.  The vet did some tests but suspected a brain lesion, which can be common at his age (11), apparently. He was such an affectionate, goofy cat, totally motivated by food, all food, anything that could be remotely seen as food.  If I happened to be on my computer mid-afternoon, and, heaven forbid, I wasn't feeding him when he wanted me to, he would sit at the side table staring at me, then reach out with his right front "arm" and PAT my head!  It was the funniest thing, like he said, "See, I can pat your head too!"  This would lead to face rubs, and then be repeated if I didn't get up and feed him right away.  He could be so demanding, but never in a mean or pushy way. He loved belly rubs, and knew

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