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 Hi all.  As you all must have guessed, I have not been at my looms for a VERY long time.  My creativity vanished into thin air, and I find myself wondering if it will ever come back.  I try to imagine weaving again, try to look at drafts that I have saved to weave, look at other weavers' creations, and still I feel...nothing (although I greatly admire others' work!).  My looms are looking quite neglected, my yarns sit untouched.  For a second there I tried spinning, and have some wool/silk that is partially plied for a woven scarf, but I can't even get myself to finish that. Nothing terribly major has been disrupting my life, per se.  I have some nagging health things that I seem to be on top of the first time in over three years, so that's a positive, and my elderly father is beginning his final decline, I think, but my sister is taking good care of him.  I am still working diligently at my violin having joined a local community orchestra, which is WAY out of this for

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