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Fall and Future Plans

 I am now 3 weeks and 2 days past my thumb joint replacement surgery, and although I can do much more than I could 2 weeks ago (because I'm now in a removable splint), I'm finding myself antsy and a bit frustrated.  Fall is the perfect time to knit, weave, etc., because the soul-sucking heat and humidity are gone and the holidays are approaching.  I know I can only do what is allowed, which right now are gentle thumb exercises every other hour and some massage of the area, but that doesn't keep me from wanting to do more. I played with my weaving software, and came up with this color combo for the next set of towels, which is an 8-shaft twill from Strickler, and has been woven with many many gorgeous color combinations by many other weavers - I just figured it was my turn! Very predictable color choices for me, of course, but the towels will vary a bit by using different weft colors. The fall foliage is behind this year, due to some amazing weather we've been having lat

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