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A Slow Start, and a New Friend!

 I'm back at the loom, albeit sporadically and not always productively.   I began weaving my current "challenge" piece, two table runners using overshot, on July 16th.  I've only ever done a 2-shuttle weave once before (not overshot), many years ago, so I knew that the project wouldn't be speedy.  To keep track of where I am in the treadling, I am using mini-sticky notes to isolate the steps along the way. The first part of the runner, a border design that is around 5 inches long, went well enough.  The center section, which can be repeated as many times as it takes to create the length desired, has been another story.  The first repeat went well, as did the second I thought .  After weaving the third, I saw a mistake that required me to un-weave back to the beginning of the third repeat.  Now, un-weaving is never fast, and when using end-feed shuttles, as opposed to plain shuttles with bobbins, it is much, much slower.  So why use the EFS, you ask??  Because the

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