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 Sigh.  I know I haven't posted for awhile.  Again.  I'm not sure whether it's the holidays and the adapting that we all have had to do around those traditions, the ongoing and ever increasingly bad pandemic, or all of the insanity happening in DC, but I seem to have ZERO creative drive right now.  I really thought that starting a project before the holidays was a doable thing since not a lot was going on, but my latest towel warp has been languishing on the loom, awaiting threading and sleying.  It doesn't help that the warp is natural in color, so nothing to please the eye, YET.  Over the last two days I have forced myself to go to the loom, and can report that I think everything is ready to start weaving.  Now I just need to start, since after that the pattern and colors should be enough to bring me back every day. The nightmare that happened at the Capitol this week has overtaken most of my attention.  There are so many elements that are worrisome, not the least of

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