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Inching Along

 It's been awhile since I've posted, but I find I don't have much to share when I'm not able to weave (or knit, or spin...).  The good news is that all of the splints are off, and I just had my last occupational therapy appointment this week.  There is still healing that needs to occur - complete healing could take up to a year, but my thumb and wrist can try to do anything I decide to attempt. With that in mind, I've taken some handspun merino wool/silk from a few years ago and wound it for a scarf.  The yarn is big enough that I don't need to pinch much, which is a no no for now.  I also like that handspun projects usually progress pretty quickly, once the spinning is done, so the yarn is already measured, put on my smaller loom and threaded.  Sleying and tying on are next, then I can see how actual weaving feels.  The warp yarn is a beautiful shade of turquoise, with some color and texture variations (over-exposed photo below).  The weft will be a greyed teal

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