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Random Bits and TOWELS!

 Sorry for the long delay in posting.  I think the combination of little sunlight, bad/frigid weather, Covid, and new health challenges have wreaked havoc on my creativity and desire to share.  I just feel very uninspired most of the time, so that leaves little room for blogging. We had the blizzard last Saturday, and got around 15 inches, though it is awfully hard to accurately measure when you have drifts over 3 feet and also bare ground.  Eastern Massachusetts seemed to be the jackpot, but most along the northern east coast got plenty.  We only lost power a couple of times for minutes, but didn't even know it because our solar panels/backup battery did their job.   As I write, it is 40 degrees F and raining, the first time the temps have been above freezing in a very long time.  Unfortunately, the huge storm that is causing all kinds of issues from the Mexican border to Maine will soon be changing to mostly sleet, for many hours  here along the coast, and a bunch of snow inland.

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