Finishing Touches

The craft fair is looming (ha ha!)!  Only a couple of days away, so I've been tagging and finishing up the last few details.

One thing that I wasn't sure I would do was to make straps for the remaining NCW clutches.  These machine-woven ones haven't sold, and they still may not, but I know I find mine indispensable.  I wear mine crossbody, so it's totally hands off, allowing me to select my produce at the grocery store or whatever else I need to do without worrying about my wallet.

I had some material that would match the purple clutch, so I sewed a long, crossbody strap for that. Darned if I can find the photos I took of it, though!  I guess you'll have to imagine it, because the clutch is tucked away - so sorry about that!

The blue calico clutches were another matter, since I had absolutely nothing that would coordinate well with them.  Instead, I wove up wristlet and small D-ring holder straps for the two of them on my small inkle loom.  I was making it up as I went along, but everything worked out well, I think.

I riveted the D-rings onto the clutches - always a gut-clenching moment for me, but they work surprisingly well.

I also took most of the last Western Skies scrap and quickly sewed up some more key fobs this morning.  I think they turned out well, and are surprisingly cushy!

They really highlight the variations in color and design that are present throughout the warp.

The renovation is continuing, and coming close to completion, I think.  Today they blew in insulation and put trim around the inside of the windows.  Right now the carpenter is installing the remaining clapboards over the spaces that were left open for the insulation.  Pics of that next time.

At the end of day 5;

and the end of day7;

There will be a lot of painting going on soon, but what a relief to get the job done and get my house back in order.  And the cats will be soooo happy!

Wish me luck at the fair!