Hi all.  As you all must have guessed, I have not been at my looms for a VERY long time.  My creativity vanished into thin air, and I find myself wondering if it will ever come back.  I try to imagine weaving again, try to look at drafts that I have saved to weave, look at other weavers' creations, and still I feel...nothing (although I greatly admire others' work!).  My looms are looking quite neglected, my yarns sit untouched.  For a second there I tried spinning, and have some wool/silk that is partially plied for a woven scarf, but I can't even get myself to finish that.

Nothing terribly major has been disrupting my life, per se.  I have some nagging health things that I seem to be on top of the first time in over three years, so that's a positive, and my elderly father is beginning his final decline, I think, but my sister is taking good care of him.  I am still working diligently at my violin having joined a local community orchestra, which is WAY out of this former beginner fiddler's comfort zone, but the people are wonderful and helpful, and I'm learning a lot, once I set aside the frustrations.  I'm trying to get out and walk every day that I can and use that as a way to clear my head and connect with nature.  Reading, crossword puzzles, occasional visits with family, herding cats, sporadic cleaning...this has become my life.  I'm not complaining at all.  I'm just a bit bewildered that this creative outlet that I enjoyed so much and spent so much time learning and sharing doesn't feel like it means anything to me anymore.  I had really thought that I would be weaving and spinning a lot in retirement, but right now I just knit socks every now and then.

I won't divest myself of my weaving tools just yet, but my personality is such that I won't let things just sit here and linger for years on end either.  I dislike clutter, so at some point I may be looking to sell off some of this, once I'm convinced that I won't be returning to the craft.  For now, I just thought I'd pop in to let those of you still out there that I have disappeared entirely.

And, since blogs need photos, here's one of my kitties just 'cuz;