A Bit of This and That


I didn't wanted to start this post with a photo of my scarf because it is already sold, so I thought I would amuse you with yet another pose from Ivy - she can be such a goof!

The scarf was sold within a couple days of posting it on Facebook, but it is the first thing that I've sold through Facebook's "system," and so far I have to say I'm not impressed.  While it is a wonderful way to reach a lot of people, their rules around payment seem a bit backwards to me.  At first, I got a message that said I'd be paid after the scarf shipped.  Then another that said after it was delivered, which happened on Saturday.  I'm still waiting, because they have up to 5 days after delivery confirmation to transfer the money into my bank account.  While I'm not prepared to say that this method isn't trustworthy, where else do merchants allow their products out the door without first being paid??  I'm assuming they do it this way because customers have been scammed and not gotten what they paid for, but on my end this all feels very weird.

I really do enjoy the texture that comes with using handspun in a weaving project.  I have another skein ready to go in more muted tones of green-to-gray gradient, but I also have lots of fiber to spin up for future projects.

In weaving news, I've finished putting the yarn on the loom for the next run of towels.  There will be 8 of them, using mostly shades of blues and purples.  Threading is happening, a bit at a time, and I've reached the half way mark so far.  I'm trying to pace myself, not so much because there is discomfort, but because I don't want to cause any.  I've also been busy doing other things, so a bit of threading on most days seems reasonable.

The weather here has been it's "new normal" seesaw, warmish, then freezing.  I think these pretty much sum everything up;

It's presently in the mid-50's and very blustery, with a big rainstorm coming tonight, then quite cold after that.  Oh, we also have storms every other day this week, so...FUN!!

Some of the neighborhood is starting to look festive, though we have not yet done any decorating.

I think our decorations will have to be mostly limited or outside, since the two cats seem to enjoy exploring and running after each other.  I actually got a rare photo of them resting near each other, which almost never happens.

I have my last follow-up appointment with my surgeon mid-month, and I continue to do my strengthening exercises.  I hear full recovery can take up to 6-12 months, so as long as I can do some creating, I can be patient.  I actually started knitting up a mitten kit that I had purchased just before my surgery as a "carrot on the end of the stick" sort of thing.  I had promptly forgotten all about it, but came across a reference to it online, so rolled the yarn into balls and cast on.  I've mostly knit socks in the last few years, (size 1 needles and fingering yarn), so using size 6 and worsted weight felt quite awkward at first, but in the short time I've spent knitting with them, things seem to be getting a bit easier.

I hope everyone is doing everything they can to thwart this newest threat from Covid.  So far it doesn't seem to be more severe, but that's what they said about Delta in the beginning, which they then had to backpedal and amend.  It is obviously more transmissible, so no matter what, people should be very cautious and continue (or resume) those things we all did in the beginning - distancing, hand-washing, isolating when sick.  I got my booster a couple of weeks ago, and only had a sore arm to show for it.  Hubby got sick after his with flu-like symptoms, but they only lasted a day or so, so better than getting Covid!  I'm masking everywhere indoors except with family, and will be for the foreseeable future.  Isn't it amazing how absolutely terrified we all were when this virus first showed up, and how used to it we've become?  Many are doing the right thing, not living in fear but following the rules to protect themselves and others.  Some are just denying reality until they catch it, putting us all at risk and allowing this virus to hang around longer.  We'll be in this for quite a long time to come, I think.

That's it for now.  Hopefully the next time I'll actually be weaving and have pictures to share!