Fall and Future Plans

 I am now 3 weeks and 2 days past my thumb joint replacement surgery, and although I can do much more than I could 2 weeks ago (because I'm now in a removable splint), I'm finding myself antsy and a bit frustrated.  Fall is the perfect time to knit, weave, etc., because the soul-sucking heat and humidity are gone and the holidays are approaching.  I know I can only do what is allowed, which right now are gentle thumb exercises every other hour and some massage of the area, but that doesn't keep me from wanting to do more.

I played with my weaving software, and came up with this color combo for the next set of towels, which is an 8-shaft twill from Strickler, and has been woven with many many gorgeous color combinations by many other weavers - I just figured it was my turn!

Very predictable color choices for me, of course, but the towels will vary a bit by using different weft colors.

The fall foliage is behind this year, due to some amazing weather we've been having lately.  While much of the southern coast and some interior sections of Maine have hit 70 degrees a few times, we've managed to be in the upper 60's.  Next week is supposed to be even warmer.  While I am enjoying the postponing of colder temperatures, I know that it comes at a cost due to climate change.  We've done much to help mitigate that in our own small way, but it is pretty scary to think what might await my grandson if we as a nation do not do the things necessary to slow down the upcoming disasters.  Already we are having many many more natural disasters that are costing us billions of dollars, but our elected officials cannot seem to agree that this must be a priority or we will not only have to spend much more than the responses to disasters are now costing us, but that we will not be able to spend our way out of this.  Scary indeed; quietly steps off soapbox.

What I meant to say in that last paragraph is that the fall colors are much more muted so far.  Here we are considered to be in the middle of foliage changes, so we will get more colors, but I don't think that the colors will last as long or be quite as vibrant.  I took these on my walk this morning.

 Contrast that with some of the flowers that have gone by over a month ago and are now reblooming!  That's never happened before...

I'm afraid that's all I've got for show and tell today.  I hope everyone is well and remains so, and, as Dougie MacLean says, staying cheery.  Covid seems to be retreating a bit, following its inexplicable 2 month cycle, but that does not mean that this is over by any means.  Please stay safe, get your vaccines, wash your hands, wear a mask where appropriate, and try to treat each other well.  We're all we've got, after all.