Tick Tock!

I'm still plugging away at this last project before the Big Surgery.  I have to say, time is flying by, much to my dismay.  I find myself getting more and more nervous, but then I try to stay focused on what is in front of me, literally, instead of looking so far ahead.  I know surgery is the right decision.  One attempt at playing the violin led to two days of increased pain, so if I want to continue doing the things that challenge me and give me joy, I have to go through this.

I'm currently working on the third table mat on this warp.  This time I switched to using wool for the pattern weft, and I LOVE it!  It packs in better than the cotton, and the rich red tones really appeal to me.  I now wish I had either put on a longer warp (time constraints not withstanding) or made the first runner shorter.  Knowing the way this household is run, it would be pointless for me to own a table runner, but it's just so darn pretty!

I'm still torn between trying to sell all of them (the long one is all but sold), or use the shorter two as gifts for the holidays.  My shop has been pretty quiet this year, so sales would be nice, but since there will be no other hand-made gifts, these might fit the bill.  I do need to go through what inventory I have to make sure it is all listed online, in case there are any who wish to purchase my wares; another thing on "the list."

The cats are still ping-ponging from ignoring each other to having some very loud spats.  I did get some pheromone diffusers to try, but I can't decide if they are actually helping.  The first few days went well, then we had several days of turmoil, then back to calm.  Any reprieve we can get is good!

A rare shot of Dinger -he's very good at hiding.

And Ivy relaxing off the floor;

Next post will hopefully show my finished runners.  All in all, I don't think I enjoy 2-shuttle weaving, but I am really enjoying the outcome.  Who knows, I may weave these again someday.  Or not...

We are venturing out to eat later this week to celebrate our 37th anniversary.  We will be dining outside, or, if Ida lingers, getting the food as take out.  I am fully back to wearing masks indoors and outdoors if there are a number of people around.  The frustration level with those who will not get vaccinated seems to be increasing in many vaxed folks, not only because their lack of action has put us back at risk, but also because of the lack of concern for those who cannot get the shot, including children.  I thought we were hard-wired to protect kids, but I guess misinformation and one's own overblown sense of self tr*mps all that.  I'm glad that the vaccination rates are going up, but the increases are not fast enough for us to save the many who are jamming hospitals, not to mention giving the virus time to create more, and potentially more dangerous variants.  The answer is right in front of our noses, if we just care to open our eyes and ears to the truth.

I hope everyone safely enjoys their Labor Day holiday weekend!