Overshot! And Some Changes Going Forward

 I'm still plugging away at my overshot project.  The first runner's weaving is complete, though it has repeatedly humbled me.  After the first big error, which I covered in the last post, there have been several more, one of which almost had me giving up.  But I can be stubborn (and practical), so through the many fits and starts I continue to weave.

Here a shot of the under-side of my weaving, taken from inside the loom;

I had originally planned to weave two long runners to put in my shop, but have decided that one is enough and it may already be spoken for.  The rest of the warp will be made into smaller table mats/runners, probably for gifts.  The reason for this is the other topic of this blog, namely; 

I will be having major surgery on my right thumb next month, and will not have the use of that thumb/wrist for quite some time.  It's a joint replacement, but not done in what most would call a "traditional" way, even though the procedure has been around for 40-50 years.  For anyone wanting more particulars, or the gory details, look up "LRTI."  Recovery time is 12 weeks, though full recovery can take as long as 6 months.  I will be having occupational therapy after 6 weeks and will be in a removable splint, but will not be able to weave for quite awhile due to the nature and physicality of it.  The idea of no crafts (weaving, knitting, spinning) is bad enough, but also no playing music on my flute or violin - heartbreaking!  I know it's the right thing to do, because all of those activities cause quite a bit of pain, and my thumb's movement is becoming more restricted.  So, long term, all will be well.  Short term, not so much.

I will have to double check and make sure that whatever I have in the shop is listed online, in case anyone wants locally made holidays gifts, but that kind of administrative stuff always gets shoved to the end of the list.  With impending surgery, at least I have a deadline.

In happier news, Ivy is making herself at home, though she and my other cat Dinger definitely do not like each other.  There's a dust-up at least once a day, which is awful to hear.  If anyone has tips on how to help them at least live together without fighting, I'm all ears.  They have separate boxes, eating areas, and lots of places to be apart.

You can see the small scratch on her nose from a fight the other day in this shot;

This is a shot of some of our garden spoils.  We continue to get these oh-so-yummy tomatoes every other day, and a bit of chard/kale for my lunch salads is always welcomed!

I hope everyone is staying healthy.  The news about Covid just gets worse and worse, and the fact that schools are now opening and many states are mandating policies that put our children at risk is insane.  I just heard that Mississippi had more than 20,000 children in quarantine after one week of school!  I will not go on and on about this, because by now anyone who reads this knows my views.  I have gone back to wearing a mask indoors and being as careful as I can otherwise.  I hope you are doing the same, and that this virus somehow burns itself out