Inching Along

 It's been awhile since I've posted, but I find I don't have much to share when I'm not able to weave (or knit, or spin...).  The good news is that all of the splints are off, and I just had my last occupational therapy appointment this week.  There is still healing that needs to occur - complete healing could take up to a year, but my thumb and wrist can try to do anything I decide to attempt.

With that in mind, I've taken some handspun merino wool/silk from a few years ago and wound it for a scarf.  The yarn is big enough that I don't need to pinch much, which is a no no for now.  I also like that handspun projects usually progress pretty quickly, once the spinning is done, so the yarn is already measured, put on my smaller loom and threaded.  Sleying and tying on are next, then I can see how actual weaving feels.  The warp yarn is a beautiful shade of turquoise, with some color and texture variations (over-exposed photo below).  The weft will be a greyed teal.

I've also managed to wind 9 of 12 sections on my bigger loom for my next towel project.  No photo yet, but the towels will be some of my favorite colors in a very interesting and popular design.

Other than those things, I have picked up my violin a bit, but am careful not to overdue.  That is easily accomplished, since it sounds so awful, there's only so much I can listen to at one sitting. 🤣

All of our gardens, both vegetable and floral, are finally "put away."  We got our biggest carrot harvest so far, though it may not be impressive to look at.  We've always had bad luck with root vegetables, but our first year using a raised bed seems to have improved things a bit.  They were very tasty!

The foliage on my walks was lovely while it lasted

and our flowers kept blooming well into November, something that has never happened before.  We actually had another rose on our long-flowerless bush, my petunias kept flowering in the boxes on the porch until I pulled them yesterday, and our delphinium bloomed for a second time in early November.

As lovely as it is to be able to see blooming flowers well-into the fall, I know that it is not a good sign.  I think most would agree that we've crossed some sort of line where there are obvious signs that climate on earth has changed meaningfully and that the best we can now do is try to mitigate it somehow.  Unfortunately, we humans cannot seem to actually face up to the facts that we have to act now and act boldly, that the time for small changes and good intentions has past.  I just cannot fathom why those in power around the world do not have the fortitude to make the hard decisions so that our children and grandchildren, THEIR children and grandchildren, will have a planet that is able to support life without near-constant storms/flooding/droughts, etc.

The kitties have been mostly getting along.  We had an episode of, well, inappropriate toileting that was proven to not be due to a medical issue, but we re-jiggered their litter boxes and haven't had any more issues there.  Our older cat, Dinger, can be difficult to photograph because he's quite skittish, but I did catch a few in the last week or so.  He's so big that when he's on my lap it's like wearing an electric blanket, which sounds great, but as a woman of a certain age, I can get awfully hot!

Ivy is still adorable, sometimes a bit needy, but also always looking for a lap.  I find myself pretty much pinned to my chair from 5:30 PM until bedtime, which these old bones do not appreciate.  Still, it's nice to be wanted!  I managed to take a few pictures when she was otherwise occupied.

Other than daily tasks, and the aforementioned activities, I've been working on gathering data so I can apply for health insurance through Maine's new marketplace.  I'm finding the application is more difficult than the one I'm used to on the federal site, and trying to compare policies, given their many differences, is driving me a bit batty.  I feel like I used to be really good at cost/risk analysis for myself, but now I just feel like I'm going in circles.  I'll probably just have to bite the bullet and choose one, and stop worrying over every.little.thing.

We're having a small gathering for Thanksgiving, just hubby and my younger son, but we will still be making the traditional meal, unlike last year.  I'm getting my Covid booster on Friday, and I can't wait.  Hubby got his already, and he had more of a reaction than he did to either of his prior doses, so there's a good chance I may have a crummy day or two, but I'm looking forward to having the peace of mind knowing I have more immunity.  This Delta variant just doesn't want to go away, and I don't know how long the case/hospitalization/death numbers will stay elevated, but with the numbers of people who are refusing the vaccine, it could be a long time.  Geez, I'm just full of good news, aren't I??

Happy safe Thanksgiving to each and everyone!!!