Green Aqua Completed!

I wanted to keep you updated on my progress as I go along, since hopefully that will keep me accountable for continuing to weave more regularly.

Yesterday was not a weaving day, unfortunately -  I cleaned instead.  Hooray.  My younger son came for a couple hours' distancing visit which was lovely, since I hadn't seen him in person in months.  The day before he and I spent quite a bit of time on Jitsi, a program similar to Skype, so that he could help me fix my website.  I had somehow lost the security setting, so it couldn't be used to sell my products.  We worked together to totally rejigger the whole thing, as far as the URL itself and getting all the variations of my business name to lead to the same place.  The only part that doesn't seem consistent is that some versions lead to the "Home" tab where the blog lives, and others lead to the "Store" tab, even though the order of the tabs should make the store come up first.  It will have to do for now, I think, but I hope to fix it some day soon.  He originally thought that I could do this myself, and couldn't understand why I couldn't.  Ha ha ha!  Afterwards he did admit that even he had to do some figuring, and he's a programmer.

This morning I got back to the loom, and finished weaving towel #2, using the green aqua weft.  I haven't taken a shot from underneath, because it's difficult and my back is still a bit tweaked from the cleaning, but here is a shot from the top;

At first glance, it doesn't look very different from the towel with the emerald green weft, but if they are put side by side, I know the differences will be less subtle.  Up next will be a rich dark green, I think.

Another garden shot, this time of some chives that got planted in the flower garden (!) a few years ago.  They are so lovely this time of year!

Until next time!


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