I just finished weaving the first towel on this turned taquete draft, and oh my gosh, what fun!  Getting here has definitely challenged my patience and supposed abilities, but once I started to see those circles emerging from the interplay of shuttle and warp, I couldn't help but smile.

I'm weaving them upside down, (figures), so here is an image of what I would call the "correct" side.  It's a bit more interesting to me, anyway.  This towel is woven with an emerald green weft, and it's lovely to see how all of the warp colors interact with the bright green.

This image shows the side that is facing me as I weave.  When I first saw all of those light circles, it reminded me of bubbles, and how my grandson seems to love seeing bubbles and popping them with his parents. 

Next up, green aqua!


  1. Love the bubbles. I've got this same draft in the queue for towels, have other projects to finish first. I'm excited to get to them after seeing yours.

  2. Can this pattern be done on a RHL?

    1. I don't think so. My loom has 8 shafts. You might be able to if you do a lot of pick-up, tho.


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