Plaited Twill Towels

Warning - be prepared for a photo-heavy post!!

The snow has just started to fly here at 0847, the beginning of the dreaded blizzard/bomb-cyclone.  We are in the 12-18 inch expectation range, with power outages likely, so I wanted to get this out before conditions deteriorate.

The plaited twill towels are finally, completely done!!  Well, that's if you don't count the first one that had the breakage in the hem selvedge due to the wrong sized temple being used.  That one is still sitting, awaiting some sort of repair or modification to make it utilitarian.  They are now available in my Etsy shop and in my online store.

I ended up with 13 full-sized towels plus one shorty, if you count them all.  Not too bad from a 12.5 yard warp!

Here are a bunch of photos of the others;

The little aqua one measures ~16"X 18", so almost a table square.  The rest are approximately 16" X 24."  The custom ordered ones were a bit longer at 25.5" as that is what would most closely approximate the original ones that she ordered.

Two navy;

Two deep purple;

Two wine;

One bright red;

One deep rose;

and the small aqua one;