? Final Tencel Cowl??

After a bit of a break due to work schedules and family commitments, I'm back at the Baby Wolf weaving the third tencel scarf/cowl.  I did decide to to ahead with the blue ming, and I'm glad I did!

In real life, the weft color is more consistent - in these photos it almost looks a bit variegated.  Anyway, I sat down this morning at 9, planning on weaving a yard, or maybe a bit more, but I ended up stopping at 64 inches at 11:20!  I obviously have the pattern memorized, and to be truthful, I'm becoming quite bored with it and so am anxious to finish this warp.  If I can get my butt in gear this afternoon, I can most likely finish this piece, but I also brought the inkle loom downstairs to try to finish that warp as well.  I guess I will have to see which project pulls me to it more strongly.

The inkle warp isn't long enough for a fifth "nasty woman" band, so I'm thinking I am just going to try to weave "resist" and have a fob that is an easy-to-grab loop, though not long enough to put over a wrist.  There will still be all the finish work to do, of course, but it seems I am getting close to have all of my looms empty!

Yesterday, hubby and I finally got around to figuring out how we wanted to put up the sheer curtain material in the living room.  I found my motivation was near zero, possibly because I haven't been weaving in there for a long time, so he googled a few ideas, and after many attempts, this is what we came up with:

No sew, lets in lots of light, up off the floor so not tempting to kitties, and they do visually widen the narrow windows a bit. Also, they are easy enough to take down and/or change if we want something different.

Yesterday we got yet another snowstorm, which lasted all day and into the night. Accumulations weren't too bad this time around, but it seems like the emotional toll is starting to bother a lot of people.  Yes, "this is Maine" is the common refrain, and it is not unheard of to get a bit of snow in April, but we really have had an unrelenting stretch of storm after storm, with little to no warm-ish weather.  There are more storms this week, which the meterologists think will also be snow at times.  Yeesh.  So, instead of yet another image of snow blanketing the neighborhood, I thought I would show the beautiful sunrises that I've been experiencing on my drives into work these last couple of weeks when it wasn't snowing.  During the actual driving, the colors were so much more intense and varied, but I waited until I got to the parking lot to take these.

The hospital where I work sits on the coast of Penobscot Bay, and though most of the water is becoming unviewable due to the growth of trees from inside the building, there can still be magnificent sunrises.

The very next day, I watched these clouds the entire drive, as the deep rose coloring started to fade.  This is what was left.

Pretty dramatic, right?  Mother Nature sure does give us the good with the bad.

Parting shot; the build-up of tencel scarf warp on my little cloth beam as I started the blue ming weft.  I don't always manage such a tidy roll, so I thought I'd show it off!


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