Empty Looms

Yes, I finally got both the key fob warp and the tencel cowl warp off the looms, only one day apart!

The key fobs are assembled, photographed, but not yet listed in my Etsy shop.  I managed 4 "nasty woman" fobs and one "resist."  As expected, the word "woman" wraps around the wristlet a bit, being a longer word than "nasty," but since they are to be grabbed or worn around a wrist, I don't think that it matters too much.  Finished they range in length from 6.5 inches to 7.25 inches including the hardware.  The actual rings have since been attached as well - I just find they make photographing a bit more challenging.

Not sure why I didn't take a solo shot of the "resist" one...

And here they are laid out flat before being assembled:

The colors are truer in the first three photos.  

Here is an (over-exposed) photo of the cowl warp off the loom, prior to wet finishing:

I ended up with three that are long enough for doubling up, and one that will be a single cowl, woven with a black tencel weft.  Right now they are laying on the drying rack, awaiting all the finishing work, which will have to wait for a few days - LIFE, you know.

Next up, towels, though I haven't settled on a design yet.  I need volume for sure, both for my shop and the upcoming craft fair.


  1. Waiting for those fobs to come up in your Etsy shop!

    1. I just put them up, Peg!! Let's see if I can link in the comments here:



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