It's been two weeks since I last blogged, and I cannot tell you what I've been doing, even though it has only been those 14 days. I think there was a lot of work hours in there, coming in extra to do some administrative and training stuff, and I also worked a 24 hour shift at the end of this past week - maybe that would account for the memory lapse?!?

On the weaving front, I've only been able to manage measuring and dressing the big loom for those towels I wrote about recently.  The warp yarn in 8/2 Georgia cotton, and I have to say, it's lovely stuff.  Nice and soft as it ran through my hands, I managed to warp, thread, and sley with nary a tangle.  I did, however, do this:

I had just taken the lease sticks out after sleying the reed, and saw that I did what most weavers with any experience think they will NEVER do again - forgot to put the warp over the back beam!!  I just stood there, thinking, did I really do that??

Lucky for me, my lovely Glimakra Standard has a removable back beam, so pretty soon it looked like this;

You gotta love those Swedish looms!

So, the beginning of my towel warp is coinciding with the beginning of real spring around here.  A few daffodils have popped up on folks' lawns, the grass has really greened up, thanks for what feels like constant rain, and Hubby and I made a trip to the local gardening supply store to buy some seedlings and seeds.  The bugs are at a minimum, and when it isn't raining, it's nice enough to take some walks without getting too hot or too cold.  It feels like there is promise in the air, and the smiles on everyone's faces only serve to emphasize that.  I love how spring does that to everyone - makes them feel hopeful, lifts their spirits after a long winter, and holds the hope of better times ahead in many ways.