Curvy Tencel Cowls

Happy Easter, everyone!

This will be a short post, because it is BEAUTIFUL outdoors, and I've been at this computer way too long already!

The tencel cowls are off the loom, sewn, tagged, and ready in my Etsy shop.  I really like the drape of these, and the way tencel feels is always so luxurious.  I ended up with three of the long looped cowls, measuring approximately 8.5 inches wide by 35.5 inches looped and laid flat.  That length allows for a lot of variation in how the cowls are worn.

The "nasty woman" fobs are also live in my shop.  Two have already sold, so there are now 3 available.  I'm going to warp up the inkle one more time for this weave, so more will be on the way, including another one or two with "resist" on them.

I have begun to plan for the next towel warp.  Nothing complex, just a natural colored warp and different color wefts, probably using crepe weave.  I may do a run of 10 or 12 towels for this, then warp for a more complex structure the next time.

Off to the outdoors!