The scarf that I wove from the Artisan slub silk last time

worked up incredibly quickly.  I liked the result more than I thought I would.  As I said, the yarn is quite thick, at least compared to what I usually use, but the combination of the way the colors changed along with the purple spun silk weft that is barely there made the scarf very appealing.  The entire project only took a few days, working part time.  Even the fringe twisting worked up quickly!
Here are some in-progress shots;

To do the wet finishing, I just soaked the scarf in some Eucalan, spun the excess water out, ironed while damp. and laid flat to dry.

The scarf is nice and long, so it can be worn in any way possible.

I also hinted at another new thing for me, and that would be my new mini inkle loom!

I purchased it on Etsy, from The Weiner Dog Ranch (  It took me a few days to get up the courage to try it, and warping it is kind of a pain in the butt, but once I started weaving on it, I fell in love.  My first band is far from perfect, but it was quick and easy, and I love the pattern!  I think I will weave another like it, using different colors, for the shoulder strap on my NCW clutch that I'm sewingfor myself.  Perhaps I'll also weave up some key fobs for the craft fair, and/or wrist straps for other clutches.

We're having a cold snap here, so my good intentions of having the heat shut off for the season just went out the window at lunch.  Even with a blanket on my lap and a fleece jacket, I was altogether too cold to sit and eat.  It's supposed to stay cool through Saturday, and our community band has an outdoor gig that day, which should be interesting.  There will be clips galore to try to keep our music from flying away.  The gig is in honor of our veterans, and it's called Boots on the Ground, held at the Montpelier mansion in Thomaston.  We've done it before, and it's a nice program, with speakers as well as music.