Another Find

I'm finding very little time to weave of late.  Work has been consistently busy, and I find I have little energy left after 12.5 hour shifts to do more than flop on the couch.  But there is light at the end of the tunnel, as I am on vacation!  Well, mostly on vacation.  I have a 5 hour mandatory meeting tomorrow, but then I am off for a week and a half.  I fully expect to get some weaving projects at least started, so that when I get busy again, I'll have no excuses for not weaving a bit here and there.  I managed to wind a single scarf warp yesterday with some Artisan silk from Georgia Yarn company.

This silk isn't at all what I expected.  It is approximately the size of 3/2 cotton and not particularly soft to the touch, but I don't have much experience with silk, so I'm open to the possibilities.  I'll be setting this fairly loosely, at 12 EPI, and using 20/2 silk for weft.  The PPI will be very open, mostly to hold this silk in place.

I'm also planning another run of towels, looking towards the craft fair in August.  These will be 4 shaft M's & W's, so will happen on the big loom.  I'll be plugging some info into my weaving software today, and hopefully started to wind the warp over the weekend.

Speaking of the craft fair, I've just finished four more of the clutch wallets, using all of the blue calico fabric that I have.  There was a lot of do-overs, since sewing has never been my strong suit, but a good seam ripper in hand is a lovely thing.

I embellished the flap with a small button and some applique, which turned out pretty well.  The colors are off here - the fabric is much bluer than this.

This shows the lining of two of the wallets.  I've included a safety strap for the cellphone section, just in case - you don't want to lose that precious phone, right?!?

This is the interior of the other two - rather plain material for the card slots, so I used a nice floral fabric for the zipper pocket to add some interest.

And a better view of the little flower applique - it almost matches the flowers on the fabric.

I really do like these, and will be making more, but I found I resented the time they took from weaving.  I'll just have to "sprinkle" these into my time carefully.

Oh, the "find" I alluded to?  A wooden coat rack that was found at our local Job Lot store.

I think it will make for a wonderful scarf display at the craft fair.  Just a few pegs arranged in a spiral, and away we go!  It only cost $20, so phew!  One less thing to think about.  Please ignore the messy bookcase in the background.  With everything there is to do, my poor house doesn't get tidied very often.