I promised a POLL!

And here it is!

My towel warp is working out nicely.  I've woven four towels using tan 8/2 unmercerized cotton,

and two (so far) using cotton/linen in a cornflower blue.

This is the first time I've woven with any linen content, and boy, it's interesting!  Kind of hairy, and I find that it really grabs onto itself when the pirn gets down to the last little bits of weft.  I will weave another 2 towels with this weft, and then must decide what to do for the last 4 towels.  On to the poll:

A)  Should I weave the last four towels as a set, i.e. all the same color?  Or, given my stash, which I'll show you in a moment, should I weave different colors for each one?  After all, most folks seem to buy one towel at a time.

B) Which colors should I use?

I have enough for a set in the dusty rose (upper left), aqua (lower left), medium blue (back center), and medium green (back right).  I MAY have enough for a set with the medium purple in front as well.  The lavender (small cone in back on top) is the one I wove the small sample with, plus there is the bright red and the burnt orange.

Let your voices be heard!!  Tell me your favorites, and how many of each I should weave!  But you'd better let me know soon, because it won't take me long to weave the last 2 cotton/linen towels.

Thanks for stopping by and helping me out!