Back on Track

I just started a much desired vacation a couple of days ago (!), and that gives me the time to get back to the loom.  I finished weaving on the Holly Towels this morning - better late than never!  I got three full sized towels, plus a truncated one, due to the rash decision to cut off the beginning of the warp when it caused me no end of trouble.  It probably would have been a smarter move to have cut out the weft, then resley at a more open sett.  I'll have to remember that the next time disaster strikes. So, here is a shot of the last towel in progress:

I do like the look of the broken twill, so I'm sure I will use it again in the future. Tomorrow I will start the sewing/finishing work, then decide on my next project on the Baby Wolf.

I've also started to work on cleaning up the "new" loom finally!  Yesterday I took 2 of the shafts off and cleaned the wooden parts up using steel wool and a oil-based finish, and the heddle bars got a spray of WD-40 and a rubdown with some Scotchbrite pads.  I've repeated that with the other two shafts this morning, so all that is left is to load on some more heddles.  The previous owner only used the loom for rug weaving, so she only had a few heddles per shaft.  I think I will load on 150 more per shaft, and keep the rest off for "emergencies."  The loom itself is also going to get the steel wool treatment, and then I can FINALLY put some yarn on there and do a test run.

This vacation is also a working one for me, as I have to get hubby's business books done and off the the accountant, plus do my piddly little books for the tax man. Usually I am all over the bookkeeping, getting it done very early, but I'm finding I just want to play with my looms and my knitting needles!  Part of that may be because we are getting hammered this winter with storms about every 3rd day, with arctic cold in between, so I have very little motivation to go outside.  That tends to make me a slug inside, unfortunately.  While weaving and knitting are decidedly unslug-like, I really do need to go find my get up and go.

And this photo is for Hilary, who asked for a close up of the label on the Denim yarn that came with the loom.

As you can see, it doesn't provide too much information.

Thanks for stopping by, and let's all hope for a bit of a break in this wintery cycle we're in!