Wool/silk/tencel scarf

 I just finished my handwoven scarf using hand spun wool/silk and commercially spun 8/2 tencel.  I ended up weaving it to 94 inches under tension because I wasn't sure what the shrinkage would be, but it was less than 10% length-wise, and almost none width-wise, which really surprises me.  The weft was not beaten but placed so's to have a warp-dominant material, so I am stumped.  If any weavers out there have any thoughts on this, I would much appreciate it!


  1. I can see very little shrinkage with the tencel but surprising about the length in wool/silk. Perhaps because after you spun the fiber it was washed so it shrunk then so only shrinkage once relaxed off the loom rather than also the fiber shrinking???

    1. I hadn't really thought of that, but you're right, perhaps that is the reason for minimal shrinkage. I thought that the weave structure itself would draw in a bit because, well, because it always does! Karen


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