In the Can

 That's a saying, right??

The bumberet towels are finished and all were quickly claimed.  At present, I'm getting a lot of support from people in my community who seem eager to hear news of and want to purchase my projects.  It's very gratifying to connect with my fellow midcoast Mainers, most of whom I've never met before.  My coworkers had been some of my best customers in the past, but now that I'm not at work, it's nice to have found a new group of people to teach about weaving, its history and benefits.

I ended up with 8 full-sized towels, and one that was ~3/4 of the length of the others.  Five, including the shorter one, were woven with black weft, always one of my favorite go-to's;

Four were woven with eggplant;

I just love the little shapes that bumberet creates.  I've seem them described as tulips, but I like to think of them as hearts!

I did make an obvious treadling error on one of the purple ones that wasn't caught while it was on the loom.  I made several of those but caught them soon enough to unweave and fix them.  You would think that treadling in the order 1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4, etc, would be simple enough, but somehow I kept messing it up.  A very nice lady from a nearby town was willing to buy the one with the mistake, for which I am very grateful.

Next up will be a couple of scarves woven with hand spun yarn.  The first with this yarn;

and the second with the silk I just spun;

After that, probably another run of bumberet towels, this time from black and grays.

Before I will let myself begin the next project, however, I made a promise that I would tackle some cleaning projects that I may have let slide lately.  Yes, it is that bad!

We are still healthy here.  The weather is definitely cooling, which is my preference.  I absolutely love fall in Maine - comfortable during the day, cool at night.  I guess the next few nights are supposed to drop into the 30's, which is a bit chillier than I like.  The heat hasn't been on, which is a bit of a badge of "courage" around here.  Some keep it off until November!  I always aim for October, but we'll see.  I feel so badly for those experiencing the devastating fires and now the hurricanes.  I cannot imagine losing everything you have so quickly.  When I was in college, my dorm burned down my sophomore year, and the emotional trauma from that was long-lasting.  Losing your home, car, and everything that helped preserve your memories must be that much harder.  It certainly puts a lot of things into perspective.

As election day nears, I find myself getting more easily stressed about the possible outcome.  I truly fear for our nation if leadership doesn't change.  Sometimes I have to turn away from the noise on both sides, just to give myself a break.  Things might be easier to take if we could reach out and hug our loved ones, but that lack of physical contact leaves my emotions feeling more raw, my dissatisfaction and fear more stark.  Some friends and their families have made the choice to see family members up close, but we are being more cautious.  Knowing that we are doing the right thing for our family does not make it any easier when emotions becoming overwhelming.  My daily walks are very helpful, so I hope I can continue them in the winter, but I tend to become more housebound as the winter roars.  Time will tell, but with this pandemic almost surely going to continue well into 2021, we all have to find ways to cope that keep us connected but safely distant.  I'm just finding that more difficult sometimes.

I hope all of you are safe from the virus as well as our natural disasters!