I've started the next project, a simple plain weave scarf using hand dyed, hand spun yarn for the warp and tencel for the weft.  The yarn, called Dark Matter, was dyed and sold by JulieSpins on Etsy several years ago.  It is a mix of humbug BFL wool and silk.  

I spun up one of the braids for this project, so I have one in reserve.  The yarn came out OK, a 2-ply with some inconsistencies and texture.  I loaded the yarn onto my smaller loom, assuming a density ("sett") of 12 ends per inch, but found that to be much too loose.  I resleyed the reed to a sett of 16, which seems to be more appropriate.  I then auditioned a few different yarns to use as weft, and settled on tencel in the "slate" colorway.  It almost disappears, allowing the dyed yarn to shine.

This morning I managed to weave 64 inches, which is a lot less impressive when you consider that the weft is gently pressed into place rather than beat.  It makes the weaving seem so much slower, but I think it actually progresses more quickly.  I still need to decide whether to make this a typical scarf or an infinity scarf, though I am leaning towards a straight scarf.

I've also purchased a few more "bumps" of fiber from another dyer, Bethanne at Allons-Y! Fiber Arts.  Her fiber prep is impeccable, and her sense of color is inspiring.  I've also purchased a bit of undyed fiber that is a mix of wool and rose fibers!  More on that at a later time, but I'm imagining a woven shawl of some kind.

I was able to see both of my sons and grandson (safely) last Sunday through a window.  I am so appreciative when these rare events happen, even though they leave me wanting more contact.  I also met a couple of former coworkers to go for a walk with masks on Monday, and it was great to connect with them.  We walked to a farm that raises "oreo-cookie cows," a favorite of many children in the area.  The cows were bellowing like crazy, calling for brunch I think.  One calf was nursing, which is always a nice sight for this former OB nurse.  It does make me a bit sad to know that they are raised for meat consumption, though.

I also find myself increasingly worried about the state of our nation and the upcoming election.  The loss of Ruth Bader Ginsburg is huge.  She was such a pioneer and tireless fighter for equality for all for such a long time.  I fear for the eroding of rights for women and families, from the overturning of Roe v Wade to the dissolving of Obamacare.  As someone who gets her health insurance through the Marketplace, I dread having to go without health insurance at my age and with my conditions.  

Knowing that the Court will now be solidly conservative is one thing, but also knowing that Trump loves to tie everything up in court and has said that he would take the election results to the Supreme Court puts the change into a whole other realm.  I just read that the Court can refuse to allow states to complete voter counts if the count would run past deadlines like it did in Florida in 2000.   I can easily see Trump taking the election results to court if he loses, running the clock up to Jan 20th, at which point he would expect the Court to hand him the election.  The only way to avoid this is a huge win for Biden, which I would dearly love.  He was not my first choice, but the diminished state of our nation may go beyond repair with another 4 years of Trump.

I try to focus on the present, my family and community, and not think too far ahead into the future, but it is becoming harder and harder to do.  Nice long walks help to clear my head, so I take one every morning and thoroughly enjoy it.  We had a stretch of late fall weather with very cold temperatures, but we have bounced back to the 70's during the day, so my walks are more pleasurable for now.

I hope you are all healthy and remain so.


  1. I agree with you and I am very worried. In the meantime, I love to read comments like yours. May we all be well and stay healthy.

    1. Thank you. Couldn't agree more AND the fear/grief for our children and our country overwhelms at times. Holding a candle for those who come behind. Thanks for sharing your light with us.


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