Nature's Wonder

The days are shorter, the temperature is getting cooler, and we are inexorably headed into the darker, colder time of year.  There has always been a bit of a challenge for me during the winter, as I can feel my world getting just a bit smaller.  I often don't get outside during the short time the sun shines, and I can often feel my mood subtly shift into less cheerful territory.  I'm already sad to say that when I go to work, I am leaving and coming home in the dark.

All this to say that last week, as I neared work, I glanced between trees and buildings to glimpse the most glorious sunrise.  I hoped that the colors wouldn't fade too much in the short time I had left before I could exit my car in the parking lot.  Luckily, this is what I saw when I arrived.

What a remarkable way to start your work day!

On the weaving front, I am still plugging away at the silk infinity scarf warp.  Here's a so so shot of the underside of the cloth still on the loom.

Until next time...


  1. Both the sky and your cloth are stunning! Can you share that draft?

    As for the dark, I liked it better when I lived in the sticks and could see lots of stars. Can’t change it so might as well enjoy it. At least it’s not so hot and muggy...

    1. The draft isn't really mine to share. I found it on Susan Harvey's blog, Thrums textiles in a post about twills. Can't remember the exact date, except that it was in May, but not this year. Happy hunting!


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