Table Runners and Baby Blankets, Oh My!

I know I've been missing in action for a few weeks, but I've had trouble finding the time to actually do the weaving that I wanted to do and spend enough time on the computer to create blog posts about it.  Well, I have a bit of time off from work, and have used said time to finish projects, take photos, write copy and (finally) sit down to blog.

First, the most recent project, which I did share in-progress - the turned twill table runners.  I really loved weaving these, seeing the curves appear as design blocks became larger or smaller.  The only irritant was that I had tried a new tie-up system on the big loom, and the pegs kept popping off repeatedly during the weaving.  The whole point of the new system is to spend little to no time on the floor inside the loom, but I ended up in there a lot.  I'll give it a few more tries before I ditch it, hoping to figure out where I went wrong.

Back to the runners - I ended up with three, one each in antique red, forest green and royal blue on a natural warp.  The red and blue are very similar in size, approximately 16 inches across and 43 inches (red) and 45 inches (blue) long.  The green was the last to be woven, so I wove until I ran out of warp, so it is 52.5 inches long.  All have securely stitched hems, and are machine washable and dry-able.  They are listed in my Etsy shop and on my store page on my blog - please note, some items on my store page have free or discounted shipping!

I've also finally gotten around to listing the huck weave baby blankets that I wove prior to the runners.  Try as I might, I just cannot get good photos, so I've decided to just list them and hope for the best.  I cannot overstate how soft these blankets are!  Woven with Supima cotton, which is grown and spun in the US, these will be favorites for years to come.  They measure approximately 38.5 inches by 43.5 inches, so large enough for a snug swaddle.

These are also available in my Etsy shop or my online store.

In non-weaving news, spring has definitely sprung around here, and everyone's moods have improved accordingly.  The leaves are green, and the flower shops and gardening centers are PACKED!  We've gotten our veggie seeds, but haven't quite gotten the big garden ready, but I spent some time yesterday weeding our little flower plots next to the house.  We purchased a magnolia tree, the "Jane" variety, after seeing some lovely ones locally.  Now we have to find the right spot.  Near the house is an old, massive oak tree, which really needs to come down, as it is too close, drops all kinds of acorns and leaves, and creates walkways for squirrels to get on our roof.  If and when we do that, it will really open up the possibilities.


  1. I love that runner pattern, I've looked at it often but haven't woven it yet. The baby blankets look great in the photos - they're wonderful.

    1. Thank you, Cindie, for your kind words. You really should try the runner pattern. It's almost as much fun as it looks!

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