Weaving Again, and a Milestone Passed

I am on my last day of my new "stretch" off from work, and though the time has flown by, I have loved every minute of it!  Much holiday stuff was accomplished, some sleep was caught up on, and I got back to my loom.  Who could ask for more??

I've been fairly consistently at the loom, weaving a towel or a bit more per day.  I seem to have trouble getting back to the loom in the afternoon, so morning is my most productive time.  I've now completed 10 towels, with at least one more, most likely two more to go.  Beside the ones I've already blogged about, I wove one using a pale yellow weft (customor's request), two using a maroon weft, two using a deep purple, and one using navy.  I really like how the navy turned out, so there will be another to be woven next, then I'll see what color strikes my fancy.

Our snow is mostly gone, thanks to a mixed bag of precip a couple of days ago, but the temps are frigid and will be for the next few days, so what remains won't be going anywhere any time soon.

Hubby and I recently attended the Portland Symphony's "Magic of Christmas" show in Portland Maine.  It has become a family tradition, and it never disappoints!  The music is heavenly, and the show itself is a nice mixture of tradition and humor, which is big in my book.  The venue, Merrill Auditorium, is a lovely setting, with great accoustics and sight lines.  We were in the "nosebleed" section, way up in the balcony, but in the first row, which gave us wonderful views of the stage.  This year's performance was a bit bittersweet, as the music director of 10 years, Robert Moody, is leaving in the spring.  He is very engaging and entertaining, and seems to bring out the best in the orchestra.  He even sang a few numbers himself, which brought a tear to my eye.  He will definitely be missed.

I just checked the stats section of my blog, and somehow I've let a significant milestone go by unnoticed.  Since beginning this blog in May 2010, it has received 101,867 page views!!  I am totally blown away by this piece of information, considering my, ahem, lack of consistency in posting and my perceived "smallness" in the vastness of the internet.  All I can say is how much I appreciate everyone's interest in my weaving and life stories, and hope that I can continue to bring a small piece of myself and my creations to you for years to come!


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