My, How Time Flies!

Yet again, more time has elapsed between posts than I had planned on.  I guess my life is more busy than I suppose, and/or less interesting to others.

That very snowy week that we had certainly took a lot out of all of us!  We had 4 or 5 storms in a little over one week, and two of them were real whoppers.  The first one, which I think I already talked about a bit, was over 2 feet deep.  The second was about a foot.  Here's a photo of some of the snow that accumulated, along with some that was shovelled off of a relatively flat roof, taken at night on my cellphone as I came home from work.

That is our kitchen window over the counter tops you are looking at, and the pile is right next to our very narrow walkway to the garage.

Miraculously, we entered a very mild stretch after that memorable week, and we now have some grassy patches showing through on our property!  No fan of winter, this pleases me quite a bit.  I think this weekend we are plunging into some really cold temps, but it is not supposed to last too long, with no precip in sight.

On the weaving front, I've been working on a double faced tablet weave for key fobs.  Yes, this is the same project that I started on Feb 12th.  The shortest length that I can use on my bigger inkle loom was long enough for 3 fobs, plus a bit.  I wove them to 12 inches or so, and earlier this week after I finally finished the last one, I wet finished them and laid them out to dry.  I just checked, and they are finally ready to be cut apart and fit into the hardware, so finished pics next time but here's a quicky shot of the warp on the loom, ready to begin weaving; forty-six cards.

I have found that this is certainly a slow process!  It also aggravates the arthritis in the base of my thumb, so I think tablet weaving won't necessarily be my go-to craft.  I'm actually itching to weave a simple inkle band next, although I think I will also be warping for another run of the network twill scarves while I have the treadling pattern still in my head.

One reason all of these projects take so much longer is because my younger son is on a kick of coming home on my weekends off, which is every other.  So my one stretch of 3 days in a row off are spent visiting, which I wouldn't change for the world!  I just want to dispel the myth that I am slower than molasses!!

Pics soon, I promise!