Quick Update

I'm still working on the next baby wrap warp.  So far in two available days for weaving I've finished 80 inches, with a few more to go this afternoon.  It's really too bad that LIFE and WORK get in the way!  Each time I have to take a break of two or more days away from the loom, I find that my rhythm gets disrupted and I have to proceed at a much slower pace until I find that magic rhythm again.  And to make matters a bit more complicated, I'm trying to weave this warp with a slightly lighter beat, and trying to keep that consistent takes a bit more attention than just wumping the beater into the fell with every pick.

After lashing the warp on, I tried a couple of wefts to check for threading errors and to audition wefts. I had some 8/2 tencel in plum and I really wanted to try the 12/2 natural Supima cotton that I had purchased from Georgia Yarn co.

I fell in love with the natural, mostly because this is my first crackle, and I LOVE how the pattern shows up!  But I put it to a vote, and plum won, so the plan is to weave with the plum for the wrap, and use the Supima for the ring sling.

Here's a couple of photos to show the on-the-loom progress.  Weft is 8/2 tencel in the plum colorway.

Left side:

Right side:


Hopefully I can finish weaving this soon, but I have a busy week of work ahead, so I'll sneak in as much time as I can, when I can.


  1. I do love the colors, but you can barely make out the lovely weave pattern. Then again, the natural washed out the richness of the warp colors. So hard to choose!


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