In Progress

I've finished winding the warp for the next baby wrap, Western Skies.  There were lots and lots of color changes, so to keep the process moving along, I count the number of each color in each 2 inch section, then measure them in groups.  Yes, this means crossing the threads within each section, but so far I have found that it works for me without any issues.  I just have a system when I thread so that the threads all cross in the same direction.

This will be a very vibrant wrap, to be sure!

I'm hoping that this project doesn't take too long, as we are having some construction work done in this living room (read "weaving studio") in July.  I still have the Portland Fine Arts Craft show to weave for, so I can pop onto the smaller loom upstairs while the work is being done.  We are replacing a very old, leaking picture window with some double hungs so that I can open the windows and let some fresh air in!  We are also having all of the old aluminum siding taken off and new clapboards installed.

I just received the informational email regarding the craft show, and they provided a logo to share, so here it is!

It takes place August 27th, right in downtown Portland, along with the WCSH6 Sidewalk Arts Festival, so there should be quite a few visitors.  I always worry about having enough and varied stock, but I can only do so much. I'd love to improve my booth - does anyone out there have some suggestions for a welcoming, impressive booth set up??


  1. I always make it a point to check out others' booths - online photos and in person. Sometimes I learn what I'd like to do with mine...or at least my interpretation of it; sometimes I learn what I definitely do NOT want to do. Sometimes I see a setup I love that is beyond my ability to even begin to re-create or re-interpret. It's all a learning experience and an evolution.


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