Definite Progress

Another quick-ish post to show how I've spent my (rare) spare time lately.  The baby wrap warp is getting most of my attention for now, although I will say I'm starting to get just a wee bit tired of the same treadling pattern.

The wrap portion, woven with the plum 8/2 tencel weft, is finished and languishing on the cloth beam.

I love these shots - they remind me of "hyperspace" in the Star Wars movies!

The ring sling is 2/3 done as of this morning.  I'm using the 12/2 Supima as weft, and WOW, is that stuff soft!  I can't wait to use it in other ways, perhaps for woven clothing???

Hard to believe this is from the same warp!  I'm hoping there is enough warp left for a cowl or two...

During the early evenings, we tend to watch the local and national news, but I like to keep my hands busy, so I'm usually knitting socks.  Lately, I've been learning pick up on my mini inkle loom.  Not one to learn things the easy way, I chose a thirteen pattern thread draft from the Weaver's Inkle Pattern Directory by Ann Dixon.

This is a cellphone shot, and so not very accurate in its depiction of colors.  The yarns are 5/2 mercerized cotton, in a medium blue and red, not the firey orange/red seen here.

I got bored with that one pretty quickly, so I moved on to others on the same page, but forgot to take photos. Then I wanted to see if I could find the pattern for Celtic Knot, which was one of the reasons I first got interested in inkle weaving.  Pinterest to the rescue!  I found this draft quite easily, and was surprised that it is only a 6 row repeat.

I think I'll end up trying a few more before the end of this warp.  Guess I get easily distracted sometimes.

We are enjoying beautiful weather here lately, although we really could use some rain.  My heart goes out to those who've had too much and lost everything in W. Virginia, and those who need some much more than we do in California.  Hopefully, the patterns will change soon for those folks.