Ready for Prime Time!

Most of the cloth from the wrap warp is wet finished, sewn, tagged and ready to go!  Presently, the shorter of the two wraps is complete.  It was woven with the same blue yarn as the body of the warp, so all cotton.  The length ended up being 3.69 meters long, and 28" wide (why the length in meters but not the width, I do not know!), which makes it a size 4.

The middle section:

right selvedge:

left selvedge:
I loved these rolled shots!

I love how the few shots of bright color pop!

I will be discounting this wrap a bit, as there were a few places where I was, erm, a bit overenthusiastic with my beat, as well as makeing one mistreadling.  The areas are visible but subtle - here are a couple of shots.

How can you mess up 1-2-3-4??  Anyway, this will be going up for a draw this weekend, I think.  I'd do it today, but have to work for the next 2 days and so will be away from my computer.

The other wrap pieces are almost set. The ring sling is just waiting on the rings to arrive tomorrow; then it will be sewn and tagged.  At that point I will decide whether to sell or put it away for a potential grandchild someday.

The longer wrap, which was woven with black tencel, is awaiting the arrival of tencel/cotton care tags.  When they arrive, I will sew it up, wet finish it, etc.

I also sewed 3 cowls from this warp, and I really like how they came out.  I watched a tutorial on how to make them, then after starting one, I thought it looked wrong and so decided the tutorial must be wrong. So I forged ahead, ripped out the stitches, and sewed one, only to find that, or course, I was wrong and the tutorial was right.  I can't get it to make sense in my head, how a long, narrow tube, which has one end pulled through to meet the other end, which is then sewn together, thus creating a shorter but narrow double sided tube, then gets turned inside out and becomes a donut shape.  I hate not understanding things, but I can verify that a wrong-side out donut shape, becomes a long narrow tube when turned right side out.  Anyway, I finally trusted the process, and these are what resulted.

Woven with black tencel weft:

with blue cotton weft:

and with natural cotton weft.  I'm surprised by how much I like this one!

These will also go up for draw this weekend.  If nothing sells, I will list them in my Etsy shop soon!

In the meantime, I am chipping away at the business books for my hubby's business - always a challenge to make them come our correctly - as well as getting myself familiar with some new bookkeeping spreadsheets to use for my little biz.  It's all a bit much, but I'm hoping I'll figure it out without too much ado.

I'd like to throw out a huge thank you! to anyone who has purchased my meager offerings over the last few years.  It looks like 2015 will be the first year I made a profit, albeit a tiny one!  I'm humbled and honored.