Wrap Scraps!

Awhile back I found a tutorial online for sewing Dumpling pouches, and I saved the site and promptly forgot all about it!  So, after the rush of the competition and a holiday commission, I found the time to attempt to sew some up, using scraps materials leftover from the loom.  This is the site:


And here are the resultant bags:

They measure ~6 inches by 3.5 inches, with a 2 inche base.  The blue/purple/green bag is ever so slightly smaller.  They open up nice and wide, too!  But the best part is that they didn't take very long to sew, compared to the larger clutch wallets I've been making.  It's nice to have a quick sewing project for a change!

I'll most likely post these on my FB page soon.  I have to work for the next couple of days, so I'll wait until I'll be around to attend to the computer.


  1. They are cute! I love your labels. Did you make them yourself? I am collecting ways to make my own labels. Can you tell me the name of the ribbon (I know, it's cloth but I know there's a name for it) that they are done on? I have a difficult time finding that around here (I'm in the U.S. but when I go looking in the sewing stores for it, I can't seem to find what I want).


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