Let's Do The Twist!!

Fringe twisting, that is!

I managed to weave off the three tencel "heart" scarves in what seemed like record time for me, so now it's on to the drudgery of fringe twisting.  My handy battery-operated device helps speed the process along, for sure, but I would so rather be doing something else.  I think it must be related to ergonomics.  I do the twisting at the kitchen table, and even though it feels perfectly fine when we eat, when I use the table as a work surface, it feels too high to me. Sitting in my chair I get the feeling that I am three years old again and trying to sit at the grown-ups' table!

Above you can see the twisting in progress.  I used to pin the cloth to a foam board that had been carefully measured into one inch increments, but that got lost in the room redo awhile back, so now I use my fabric cutting board and some old (VERY old!) encyclopedias to keep the fabric in place.  With the way that information dessemenation has changed recently, that's about all the encyclopedia is good for these days!

Here's another shot of the scarf, although I just cannot seem to get the red to look the correct shade.  It is deeper, and more rich, so that the contrast is a bit subtler but very dramatic.

I'm hoping to complete the finish process for these this weekend.  I have to work 4 out of 5 days next week (12 hour shifts), so there won't be much time for weaving until next weekend.  One of the pediatricians that I work with has asked to purchase one of these scarves for his wife, so I'd like to get it done and in his hands soon.

I also received my custom-dyed yarn for my next baby wrap.  It needs to be wound into balls so I can wind in on the spools...a very drawn out process.  I've tried to capture the colors correctly, but again, they are much more vivid in real life.

My first wrap arrived at the first tester's house today, and she posted some photos on our "secret" little group on Facebook.  Her 2 year old looks very comfy in it, and she seems pleased overall.  What a relief!  Hopefully I can figure a way to capture on of the photos to share here.  Any advise?

Never mind, I figured it out.  This just makes me so happy!