Coupon Code!

I'm celebrating the fact that winter is finally, FINALLY over!  Yes, today is a gray, damp day, so extra clothing is still needed.  But I've seen the occasional bud finding its way out on some bushes in our yard.  I've heard a few birds calling to each other. Bits of grass are starting to look, dare I say, green.  And, most significantly, I've made an appointment to have my snow tires removed.

So, in honor of these wonders of nature, I'm offering a coupon code for my Etsy shop from now until the end of the month.  Just enter "Springhassprung2014" at checkout, and receive a 10% discount.  It expires May 1st, so you'd better hurry!

In other news, I finished up my heart scarves, and have started the next set of tencel scarves.  They will be tabby, with variegated yarn in blues, red-purples, and black.  I wound them on my mill, which I'm still getting used to, so I don't think it's saving me any time, but it is easier to see a mistake there than it is on a warping board.  I love how these colors come together.

I've also been waffling about how to warp for my next baby wrap.  I thought I'd use my sectional tools for the first time, but I feel very uneasy about it.  Because the yarn is custom-dyed, I don't have a lot of wiggle room for errors, so I think I'm going to use the mill again.  The color patterning might not be exactly the way I envisioned, but the process of warping should work fine.  I'm hoping to make a trapeze to help me warp with more even tension.  Hopefully I'll have more to show you next time.

Remember, visit my shop soon and take advantage of the discount while you can!