Christmas blessings

As we go through the last few days before Christmas (and how did THAT happen?!?), the weather reminds us all that we have no control over much of our lives.  All the hustle and bustle that is requisite this time of year comes to a screeching halt when Mother Nature says so.  So we all slow down.  Take our time. And wonder.

And if we really look around, while trying very hard not to slip and slide our way into the emergency room, we realize that even as challenges surround us, beauty abounds.

It is also easy to overlook the fact that others have it far worse than us.  I'm thankful that we still have power, that all my family members are safe and sound where they are, and that we are all healthy and happy.  This is especially true for Whirl, who for the last two days has had an ongoing tussle with the tree, poking his head through the garland, roughing up the tree skirt, and escaping with new "treasures," aka ornaments.  He has finally made peace with it all, and took a nice long nap this afternoon.

(Sorry for the less than great photo - the nap wasn't all THAT long!!).

Here's hoping for a wonderful holiday celebration to you and yours, whatever that entails!  May your new year be filled with fiber/crafty/weaving goodness!