How Cute are These???

I obviously can't show alot of what I've been working on, being so close to Christmas, but I did want to show these adorable little baby booties that I just knit for my hairdresser after I found out she's having a baby in May.  They were designed so that they can't be kicked off, and the construction is very very different from a typical sock pattern.  I used some leftover sock yarn that seemed gender-neutral, but still fun.
They are knit very densely, on size 1 needles, and have a fold over cuff.  The sole is knit in such a weird way, to the point that I couldn't envision it working, but it certainly did.  I'll have to be sure to get another haircut before then!  I did manage to snap one of the needles while knitting the first bootie - luckily they came in a set of 6.

The other big project has been weaving a set of 16 placemats for someone who contacted me a few months ago requesting them.  I couldn't get to them until recently, because I was weaving like crazy to get ready for a very unsuccessful craft fair.  But once on the loom, they wove up very quickly.  They are not all quite the same size, which bothers my Type-A-ness, but I'm sure they will be fine.  I'll have to find a box big enough to hold them, then calculate shipping, contact her, and off they go!