The Big Reveal

I can finally show you what I secretly worked on this fall.

I wove a tencel shawl, in the 8 shaft snowflake pattern, for a very special someone, my soon-to-be daughter in law.
The weaving took a bit less time than I thought, but the fringe twisting, as always, was an endeavor.
Then I squirreled it away until Christmas eve, when it was opened with much anticipation on my part, and apparent joy on hers.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo of it on her, as her two black kitties were romping around, but here is what it looked like on my dress form.

It is a fun project, so I'm sure I will weave another (or two or three..) in different colors.


  1. Absolutely lovely!
    That is my favourite pattern of all and I swear I can do the treadling in my sleep.... in fact, I have two looms and both have snowflake on them right now!

    :) Susan

  2. Thank you, Susan. It's because of you that I'm able to do such a lovely design. You've been an inspiration to me, as well as a mentor of sorts. I always look forward to your updates.


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