Do I really have anything to say?

I never imagined I would be putting myself in this position, to share my thoughts, adventures, and misadventures in my fiber arts journey.  It will take me awhile to learn the ins and outs of blogging, so things may be a bit slow at first, and not very polished.  But I’ll try to share as I learn to increase the complexity of my weaving, branching out into different patterns and fibers, along with the other challenges in my life. I do work 12 hr overnight shifts as a maternity nurse, so you should prepare yourselves for some rambling and/or disconnected thoughts!

Just attending the craft fair is an ordeal for me.  I am extremely shy in nature, and feel viscerally ill at the thought of putting myself in the position of speaking with folks, never mind trying to sell something.  (Aren’t you glad you’re out of the line of fire??).  Somehow, after much moaning and qvetching, I stand, smile, and find myself having wonderful conversations with total strangers, about my weaving and knitting, but also the weather and any other thing that springs to mind.  Why, this isn’t so hard after all!  Then why, oh why, will it not be easier the next time??

Even nursing, after 16 years, brings a flutter of anxiety when I enter a room to meet a patient.  I find that it’s almost like acting – when I put my nurse’s persona on, I find I can talk to anyone.  But when it’s just little ol’ me, I have nothing to say, because I feel I have little worth saying.  At least without a dash to the loo.
So my safe mode is to spend as much time at home, safe from the big world out there, weaving, knitting, eating my gluten free food (adventures in dining out, now that’s a whole other story).  Luckily, life forces me amongst the living.  Hopefully, someday, before I die, I can learn to rejoice in what I have to offer the world, and not judge myself so harshly.

That having been said, I'll end with a few photos of my recent weaving exploits.  These placemats came from a warp meant for 6, but in my haste to get them off the loom so I could send 4 to a shop that wants to display them, I made a very noticeable treadling error. So disappointing.

And these log cabin towels were woven for a craft fair.  They didn't sell, but the gift shop wanted them, so that's where they've gone to live.  Initially, they were meant to all be in the log cabin pattern, but an error in tie-up (meaning I was lifting the wrong shafts) led to a rather nice plaid pattern, so I made two of each!  I really liked them, despite the multiple problems I had while putting the warp on the loom.  Some crossed threads led to breakage issues, and I also somehow had some warp ends be way too short.  I had multiple pill containers with coinage hanging off the back just so I could keep weaving.  I couldn't WAIT to finish them and get them out of my life.  But once done, I really fell in love with them and so am going to make another set.  Hopefully, I will not repeat my previous mistakes.

That's all for today.  I'm going to work soon, and so have to busy myself with packing up food, knitting (in case it's quiet), and giving my kitty extra pats.


  1. Hi from a fellow EtsyWeavers team member. I remember that gorgeous scarf from your Etsy shop.
    Welcome to the world of blogging! I have taken the approach of writing my blog like I am talking to an interested friend, which is what your readers will become. I hope that you will enjoy the process of blogging and sharing your projects with the rest of us. ~Annie

  2. Thanks, Annie for your kind comments. I do need to think of this blog as a conversation. It's exciting to know that I have at least one follower!


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