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  1. Hi! I'm a new subscriber to your excellent blog and am thoroughly enjoying it - I particularly love the bluey grey hank of yarn on this post. You say you plan to weave it to make a scarf. Can I be very cheeky and ask how you plan to use the yarn? Will it be warp or weft, presumably not both, so will you use another fibre in the other direction? I'm an inexperienced weaver attempting to weave a lace weight yarn scarf and I'd be really glad of an expert opinion.

    Yours, Exidia in the UK

    1. Hi, and welcome to the blog!! It's always nice to get a new subscriber.

      I think I will use the handspun as warp, and tencel as weft. One of the hardest parts of that process, for me, it determining the sett for the handspun. My spinning is not super consistent, so I try to compare it to mill-spun and go from there, but I have often had to undo and change the sett after I've started weaving.

      Thanks for reaching out!



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