Baby Steps

As I take very slow, tentative steps back into my craft, I am working very hard to remain patient and grateful during this time of the pandemic.  Though I was minimally exposed in March, and did experience a low grade fever and mild cough, as well as a feeling of being unwell, it only lasted a day and a half.  No one else in my family has shown signs of being ill, a tremendous relief.  I find myself glued to the news and the numbers, wishing the best for those affected, and sending my sympathies for those that have lost friends and family members.  I could go on to say how I feel about our country's (lack of timely) response, but will keep those thoughts to myself, for now.

In the last few days, my new autoimmune disease has yet again reared its ugly head, so I am back on steroids for the next three months.  I can no longer take any NSAIDS, which is very problematic, as I have chronic back pain (which affects my sleep) and a nagging issue with my left foot, including some mild swelling and mild-moderate pain, associated with activity.  One of my longstanding strategies for dealing with my emotional ups and downs has always been to get outside and walk.  While acetaminophen is helping, the sudden realization that my long-term quality of life may not be as I had hoped got me quite down since yesterday.  In the scope of the present situation in the world, this seems like such a small thing, but looking forward, seeing less movement and comfort, just felt a bit sad.  When those feelings lasted through the night and into the afternoon today, I decided to just get outside and take a shorter walk.  While doing so, I led my thoughts towards things that I am grateful for, and realized just how lucky I am.  Life's setbacks happen to everyone, and I have always adjusted my expectations as things have changed.  I'm sure that I will come to terms with whatever life tosses at me throughout my life, but it seems like a nice easy exercise to remind myself that things are OK, that I am OK, and lucky to have the life I do.

We've had a few nice warmish days here, a far cry from the snow we got only 2 weeks ago.  Of course, since spring bloomings were late due to the cold, damp April and first half of May, it's really nice to see how quickly things are sprouting.  We got our vegetable garden in, this time putting down a bunch of straw to help keep the weeds down, hopefully.

Remember our azalea?  So sad looking...

Today, almost a week after it is usually blooming, this is how it is brightening up the neighborhood!

Our phlox is lovely, and our hostas are coming along as well.

And our little magnolia, several weeks behind its neighbors, is finally blooming.

It's planted where our old oak tree was, so I don't know if the soil isn't quite suited for it.  I know we have tried to grow grass there for several years now, and it will not grow, though dandelions will.

As for weaving, the warp is on and threading as just begun.  I was asked to sew a few more masks for a friend, so that slowed me down a bit, but I'm hoping for steady progress.  I'm trying hard to not put huge expectations or time constraints on myself right now so I can find the joy in it again.

As a last shot,  here is our tubby but very friendly Whirl, in his favorite chair, saying hello.  Or is it "what do you want??"