A New Beginning

Spring has finally sprung here in the northern New England area, at least on the coast.  It is so heart-warming to finally see color!

Our 3-yr old creeping phlox;

To think how tiny they were when we bought them!  I have two of these, and they are doing nicely.

We also have tulips up, as well as some cute little yellow and purple flowers, maybe violas??  I can't remember.  And please ignore the background of the tulip photo - we haven't started painting yet this year.

Last year we purchased another phlox, and it is still quite small.  It also flowered a week or so after the other two.  The flowers are more pink than purple;

There has also been a wee bit of weaving happening around here!  I finally got the warp threaded and sleyed, but wasn't sure about which wefts to use, so I, gasp, sampled!

Top to bottom - light grey, medium grey (which definitely has brown undertones), charcoal and black.

I asked for and received a lot of input on Ravelry, then decided to start with black.  The recipient is quite young, and loves pink, so I added some pink accent stripes.

Even though pink is not one of "my" colors, I really like how this looks.  I think she'll be pleased.

The plan is to weave 4 towels as a wedding gift, and 4 for the shop.  Next up may be charcoal with pink stripes, then 2 towels without a stripe, I think.  I'd love to hear your opinions out there as well!