Tis the Season...

...when musicians start performing holiday tunes, even though the holiday is still several weeks away.

Besides my adventures in fiddling, I've been a member of the Midcoast Community Band for 20 years.  I play the flute, another instrument I've taught myself over the years.

We play year 'round, though sporadically in the winter.  We have many gigs in the summer, usually for outdoor concerts or parades, and in December, we always have two holiday concerts.  The first occurs at the Owls Head Transportation Museum on the first Sunday in December.  There are activities for children earlier in the day, and then we perform a concert in the early afternoon.  Well, that is happening again this coming Saturday.  I thought I would show you a short video of us performing "Sleigh Ride" by Leroy Anderson at last year's concert.  Who knows, it might just get you in the holiday spirit!  (Don't forget to unmute the video by clicking on the little sound icon in the lower right-hand corner!).



  1. I do love that song. In my youth, a local business - one that sold things over my family's budget - used it in all their commercials for months around Christmas time, so I always thought of it fondly, and as high class. And your band. Great community spirit.

  2. Oh that was wonderful - thank you for posting it.


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