Progress, of sorts

I'm still dealing with the after effects of the pneumonia, though I am feeling a bit better every day.  The coughing persists, but it is less disruptive, so that's a step in the right direction.  That, and the fact that the weather may actually be changing towards a more spring-like pattern in a couple of days has me thankful and hopeful.

I finished weaving the first table runner a few days ago, and just managed to start the second one before I ran out of gas.  I'm using 10/2 cotton as weft again, this time in the "Lipstick" colorway.  It's more like an antiqued red, to which I am very partial.

As always, the color isn't quite true to real life, but you get the idea.

I am also almost done with the stitching on the Christmas stocking for future grandson.  All that's left now are French knot snowflakes, and the name.

Not too bad for being full of mistakes, right?  The funny thing is, I had assumed that the name would go above the design, since that is where the names have gone on all of the crewel stockings that I have made in the past.  Well, you know what they say about "assuming" anything!  Come to find out, the name is supposed to be the first thing that  gets done, as it sits above the porch light.  Oh well, it will have to go over some of those other stitches.  If I had done it properly and waited, the poor child would have no stocking until he was 2!  After he is born and we know the name, stitching will recommence, followed by piecing the whole thing together, not my strong suit.  I sure hope it can be completed before Thanksgiving.

On a more sad note, we have been following the declining health of Barbara Bush and heard of her passing last night.  She was truly a remarkable lady - smart, strong-willed, with a terrific sense of humor.  She really led her family, and gave back to all of the communities in which she lived.  It really didn't matter what your politics were, she would treat everyone the same.  She championed literacy for many decades, and had her name given to Maine's only children's hospital, where she would regularly go and meet/read to patients and their families.  In my work at our local hospital, we interact with staff from the children's hospital, and they do remarkable work there.  The world was definitely a better place because of her contributions.  RIP, Barbara Bush.  You were loved.


  1. The weaving is lovely, and the stocking is beautiful. Only you can see any errors. Don't point them out to people.


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