A Slow Beginning

I'm still laying low here, fighting off this walking pneumonia that I got last week.  I have two more days of antibiotics, but I think the cough will last much longer.  It's quite exhausting.

Over the weekend I s-l-o-w-l-y wove the first repeat of the turned twill runner.  I'm using mercerized 10/2 cotton for the weft, and this particular shade of blue is called Nassau, and it's a nice bright hue.  The multiple treadling sequences that are necessary for this pattern is too long for me to memorize, so I use two mini post-it notes to isolate a few at a time.

Here's the first pattern repeat;

Kind of spellbinding, right?  I really like it, though some might think it too busy to put on a table.  I hope to weave 3 of these on this warp and am looking for color suggestions for the two remaining.  Part of me wants to weave one to be more subtle, perhaps by using a more neutral color, though I'm not sure I have such a color in my stash, and right now I'm too tired to go upstairs and look.

Back to work tomorrow, after calling out sick on Saturday.  I still feel guilty about that, as we are having a bit of a baby boom over there.  I guess it's busy again today, too.  I sure hope I can keep up!


  1. Isn’t the photo 2 repeats? Or is there a difference I’ve not picked up on?

    Glad you’re feeling better. And best to not work when you’re so close-for you, your peers, and your patients.

    1. Actually, the photo is one repeat. The second circle is the opposite of the first, i.e. the center and largest square is blue in one and white in the other. It's quite subtle, and I almost fell for that myself as I wove it, but realized that the treadling wasn't the same.


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