We Have Garage!

The work is done on the garage, although there is still much to do on our end - painting, yard work, hiring a paving company...  BUT - my car now has a home again!

Inside, including the glorious built-in stairs to the upstairs storage area.  No more step ladders!!

Said upstairs storage area;

In fibery news, I've had three contacts from customers at the craft fair last month, and all want to purchase more stuff, so yay!  One wants 2 tablet woven key fobs, done in different colors, so needing two separate warps.  Two others want more towels, each in different design patterns, which will require some yarn purchases once colors are chosen.

I've started a six-towel warp in red and white for some snowflake towels like these that I wove several years ago;

I've been meaning to weave these in red and white for ages, but time somehow slips away. I am hoping to get these done in time for holiday shopping.

I'm back at work, and it has been quite busy, but so far, I seem to have remembered most things, once I recalled my login password - that was a puzzler!

Please send good thoughts on Friday, as I am going to the hospital for a diagnostic "roto-rooting" for some unexplained symptoms.  The next two days promise not to be my best.

Next time there will be weaving photos!


  1. What a great garage! And all that storage too!

  2. LOVE the new garage and storage! And YAY for the additional orders. I'll send positive thoughts your way on Friday.


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