Garage Progress

Here we are, one and a half days after they started, and already the workers have gotten this far:

You can just make out the roof trusses that were delivered 30 minutes ago in the background of the second photo.

As much as I'm sure I will love this garage come winter, right now it seems intrusive, cleaving our property in half.  It's exactly where the other one was, though larger in size.  I can no longer see past it towards my husband's shop or the main road.  Sigh.  I'll get used to it, I'm sure of it.  Besides, there was no other logical place for it, and now I'll have garage doors that actually move.

As for my day, I vacuumed.  And vacuumed.  And vacuumed some more.  Then I dusted. I'm afraid that after all that activity, my back is telling me that cleaning the bathrooms will have to wait until tomorrow.  And I did a grand job of terrifying the cats, particularly Dinger.  He hid under the kitchen sink, and would. not. come. out, even well after I put the vacuums away.  It took some yummy kibbles to convince him that the danger was past, and even then he wouldn't come over to the bowl - I had to bring it too him.

Such a great vacation!