I just love that term, don't you?  I've borrowed it from another weaver, and it is very fitting for these last two weeks or so. There has been no weaving happening here since the baby blankets came off the loom.  Instead, I've been organizing myself for the upcoming Portland Fine Craft Show, labeling and inventorying (is that a word?!?), packing and generally making a mess of my crafting space.

I'm currently a few days into my summer vacation, and it feels really good not to have to haul myself to the hospital.  I've been able to go for walks almost every day, wake up when my body says so, (and yes, that includes at 2 AM and at midnight and at 3:30 AM...).  The hubster and I went out to eat to celebrate, just locally, followed by a lovely, leisurely walk along Rockland harbor.  Our 33rd (!) anniversary is coming up, and although we don't usually do anything special, we may try a new local restaurant that has some gluten free options.

In the meantime,

our garage is here!!  Not assembled, but these were delivered yesterday, and the workers are here today and have already put up two walls' worth of framing.  This project has been a ridiculously long time coming, but apparently, it's hard to get good help in Maine this summer, so all of their jobs are behind schedule.

I just went weaving yarn shopping online, and spent a tidy sum - photos of my stash to come!  I only hope I can make some of that back at the craft show.  Bonus, we stop at Son #2's on the way home and he feeds us!  The show is open 9-4, and it's an hour and a half away from home, so it makes for a very long day.  We truly appreciate being able to eat a prepared meal before the long trek home.  I think our kitties will not appreciate the long day, and long interval between feeds (though our older son will come to give them one meal many hours after we have fed them and left).

(Yes, I know that Whirl has a few extra pounds on him and he won't starve, but look at that [overexposed] face!).

I'm still plodding along on the counted cross-stitch Christmas stocking, and hating it more and more each time I work on it.  With fall around the corner, I so want to knit some socks, or spin, and instead I am making very very small incremental progress on the stocking.  I'm almost halfway, and maybe I can work on it more this next week, but it just isn't fun anymore.  I have to keep reminding myself why I'm doing it, and it will get done, I'm sure - I just wish it worked up faster.