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I just finished measuring the warp for the next two baby blankets and getting it on the warp beam.

This draft is also from Tom Knisely's book, and it's called "Springtime."  It will be plain weave, 12 EPI, also using 8/4 carpet warp.  Because of all the color changes, this one was a royal pain to warp, but the threading and weaving should be easy.

I also finally found a use for my first inkle band - bracelets!

I have enough left for a couple more before I would have to weave another band.  I'm not sure whether I'll have enough time before the show, but I also need to come up with a reasonable price point for these.  Any suggestions??

I just had a bunch of lab work done, and all came back normal, so that news is good!  My cholesterol picture has improved a bit, which is very good news for me.  I'm not on any meds, but my total has always been high.  My HDL, or good cholesterol, has also been high, so the doc has said that the ratio between good and bad was acceptable.  Now my total, HDL and LDL are more in line with recommendations.

There is an ongoing struggle currently to get seen by a specialist for a screening procedure due to some different, worrisome symptoms, and the referrals are not reaching that office.  Booking an appointment without a referral is possible, but they are booking into October, so I will be spending more time on the phone trying to figure this out - sigh.

Our garage work has finally started back up again.  The guys were here a couple of times this past week, and the cement pad is curing as I type.  They are supposed to come back tomorrow to do some more work, probably the forms for the cement curbs.  It's nice to see something happening after such a long delay.

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  1. I love that shot of your back beam with the rainbow warp. I'm sure the blankies will be beautiful!


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